Sunday, February 7, 2010

S.M.Rudiger Stopped Cold

It started with lag and boot loops and ends with me here on my girlfriend's laptop, with something I think is interesting to blog about. Somewhere in the middle I opened my Acer, which has been running like Randy Moss for over two years, and discovered the fan on my ATi Radeon not working, by almost burning my finger. Oh, and the sequel may or may not involve me baking my video card. Which will, I'm sure, void any and all warranties that my still be valid. ( , the link Binky sent me) So the cheapest and least risky, and therefore first and favorite, plan is to replace the fan and or, somehow, super-cool my case enough to solve the problem. Butters has been babbling about a cooling fan or something that he wants to give me, so thats sweet.

If that doesn't work, I probably need a new video card. :(

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