Thursday, May 10, 2012

Effing Scammers!

To anybody trying to do business online, on Craig's List, or anywhere: Obviously, you shouldn't trust any replies that involve someone not being able to interact in person, or sending a check for extra with expectations of you paying the shipping company. Obvioulsy. Here is how to say "I hope your penis falls off and is eaten by a goat." in the most common offender languages. I include theses in all my replies to scams as the signature.

 मुझे आशा है कि अपने लिंग बंद हो जाता है और एक बकरी द्वारा खाया.
 Ek hoop jou penis val af en word deur 'n bok geëet.
 Я надеюсь, что ваш пенис падает и едят козы.
 Saya harap penis anda jatuh dan dimakan oleh seekor kambing. 



pinoschac said...

i might need to use some of these translations :D


S. M. Rudiger said...

I'm so sick of Nigerian princes.